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Is Your Business Among The 64 Industries And Professions Currently On The IRS Target List Below?

Uncle Sam's Tax Audit Assistant Manuals are currently available for the following industries and professions. If a manual doesn't exist yet for your industry or profession, reviewing manuals for similar business can be helpful.


For additional information, please click on any of the links below...

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Order Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant Before The Stroke Of Midnight, and Receive Two (2) Free Early Bird Bonuses!  (valued at over $75.00)

Why Should You Own Your Own Copy Of Uncle Sam’s Tax Audit Assistant?

  • The Tax Audit Assistant manuals are written specifically for the 64 key industries and professions currently targeted by the IRS.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant manuals are thorough and well-researched.
  • THE document that turned IRS generalists into SPECIALISTS in YOUR profession or industry.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant is a valuable asset for your business.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant will take you through a real-life audit of your business.  The more familiar you are, the more you can be on the alert for problem areas.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant will permit you to work more effectively with your own tax professional.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant will put your mind at ease when thinking about common non-compliance issues.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant will guide you in how to prevent audit problems before they occur.
  • The Tax Audit Assistant will answer your most daunting question, “What is the IRS looking for?"
  • The Tax Audit Assistant will give you the edge you need when responding to an IRS audit.
  • Easy-to-follow manual that will walk you through every aspect of your business practice.
  • Allows you to be IN CONTROL of the audit process.
  • Learn the background secrets of the audit process.
  • Save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in fines and penalties.
  • Move forward in the development of your business instead of wasting your energy on fear of the IRS.
  • Comes with FREE BONUSES that are valued at more than the cost of the Tax Audit Assistant.
  • …and the bottom line – You have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO LOSE with our 100% Iron-Clad 90-Day, Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee!

Pumpkins fly.  You'll order "Uncle Sam's Tax Audit Assistant" for your business  sooner or later, anyway!
Click here for an instant download of your Manual through our Safe and Secure Server and get immediate access!
Once your credit card is approved, you will be directed to a special download page where you will download your manual and FREE Early Bird Bonuses. No matter where you are right now, even if it's in the middle of the night -- you can start reading right now.  Remember, this one single manual can save you hundreds - even thousands - of dollars.  Downloading the Manual is a real snap.  It works perfectly with MAC and PC computers.


Support Our Troops

 Support Our Troops

Great American Tax Accountant's is proud to announce that a portion of your investment in our products will be sent directly to the Morale Welfare and Recreation Department of our Armed Forces.
Sacrifice is not limited to our men and women in uniform.  Children, spouses and families of military personnel are deprived of special times while their loved ones are deployed far from home.  Even when hostilities subside, they often remain separated – sometimes for years!
With all of the conflicts taking place around the world, the children, especially, are often focused on a theatre of battle where their mother or father is serving.  No one can take the place of the children’s parents, but everyone can make a difference in their lives.  The children and family members left behind need our support now more than ever.
The Morale Welfare Recreation (MWR) Department organizes a variety of activities and programs to address the needs of these individuals – providing quality support, recreation, and educational services to contribute to the retention, readiness, and mental, physical, and emotional well-being and enjoyment of the military community.

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